Monday, June 30, 2014

Goranger Raws (This is for Captain Scarlet)

Alright, so the purpose of this post is for Captain Scarlet to post his links to the Goranger raws that I might use for the project.

I also made this to prevent unnecessary clutter in the other posts.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kamen Rider Hibiki - 03

  • In two scenes, dialogue isn't very audible due to various reasons (two people talking fast at the same time and purposeful distortion). There, I put "[unintelligible]" or something among those lines.
  • I am sure I covered every line of dialogue that was audible this time. XD

Important News on Goranger (Emphasis on "Important")

So I was talking with with a guy named eleuzi, and I have decided that PMLG-Fansubs will in fact be subbing Goranger. I will not be personally translating it, in order to devote enough time to Hibiki. We are currently in th process of getting people to do jobs but PLEASE, do NOT ask to join us in the comments. I may work as something else, like karaoke timing or something.

What we do need help with, is seeding for Bunny Hat's Goranger torrent, as we're not really sure how fast it'll download, but the faster, the better. (Please don't try to seed if you don't have it fully downloaded...) (Same with Hibiki, so please help out with that too if you can.)

Also, spread the word. We want as many people as possible watching the beloved first Super Sentai show.

We're still not sure if we'll be doing J.A.K.Q or any of the others. Maybe if enough people enjoy Goranger. One show at a time, people.

I'll post more updates soon, okay, guys?

- PikaMaster11 -

Update on Bad Apple Fansubs (IMPORTANT)

In the process of creating this page, I noticed that Bad Apple Fansubs's website is gone.

I'm sure many of you are wondering why. I have a bit of information concerning Bad Apple's death (probably not an appropriate word here, but whatever).

E-mail from badxmas (Daita Oiwa of Bad Apple Fansubs)

As a result [of the lack of help], the project is now behind and I am seriously considering stopping, because I just can't find reliable people who care about it enough to help.

So don't worry about helping. I'll make due on my own, and when it becomes too much for me to handle, I will pull the plug.

Thanks anyway,
Geoff (pastxmas)

My Personal Statement

I think as a QCer for the project, I should tell what I think. No disrespect to pastxmas, but I think that what he did was silly, to say the least, because he was trying to work on and release an episode in 2 or 3 days all alone. I don't think anyone would mind waiting a bit more if it meant that Bad Apple would've stayed up. I never even got to meet the other members...

Who'll take on Goranger from now on?

Honestly, no one knows. A group of people on this thread are discussing getting maybe a new translator and timer for the episodes, but I don't know if that plan will work. PMLG will not be taking on Goranger, so don't ask that, please. We'll just have to wait longer for a fully-subbed Goranger to come to be.

- PikaMaster11 -

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Himitsu Sentai Goranger - 02

- Added Karaoke
- Fonts (I don't even remember what fonts were in Goranger 01)
- Took longer to finish because we were busy on Thursday (5/29/14). I'm sorry for the delay!
 Another week done. I'll be back in a few days!

- He agregado Karaoke
- Fuentes (Ni siquiera recuerdo qué fuentes se encontraban en Goranger 01)
- Tomó más tiempo para terminar porque estábamos ocupados el jueves (05/29/14). Lo siento por el retraso!
Otra semana terminada. Volveré en unos días!

Himitsu Sentai Goranger - 01

Happy Memorial Day! Today I bring you Episode 1 of Goranger, Spanish scrubbed.

Feliz Día de los Caídos! Hoy los traigo Episodio 1 de Goranger, scrubbed en Español.

Kamen Rider Wizard - 01

Surprise! Muahahahahahaha...

  • There isn't any Karaoke because that would be distracting while the fight scene is going on.
  • There is some typesetting, mainly when the Disembodied Belt Voice talks (as I call it) as well as the Episode Titles. The rest of the episode is in plain bolded Trebuchet MS.
  • Here, I begin doing actual professional style translation (English-order names, translated honorifics, the sort)

Kamen Rider Hibiki - 01 (v2)

This fixes the conversation between Hibiki and the Tachibana sisters!

Besides that, nothing else changes. See you guys when I release Hibiki 03!

Kamen Rider Hibiki - 02

  • I didn't really didn't know how to translate "cho", so I went with "Area".
  • Late because real life stuff is so fun! Also weather too, but...


Welcome to PMLG-Fansubs!

Alright, guys! PMLG's Blogger page is online! Here, we'll be posting everything from releases to news. I thought it'd be easier to use than Wix, so here we are! Wix will still be online, so you can use that page if you want. We'll be updating that page too. The entirety of our Wix page except for the homepage has been deleted.

First thing we'll be doing is adding all of our blog posts from Wix onto this page, so bear with us as we do that.
Transition is complete. Enjoy the new home base!