Sunday, June 29, 2014

Update on Bad Apple Fansubs (IMPORTANT)

In the process of creating this page, I noticed that Bad Apple Fansubs's website is gone.

I'm sure many of you are wondering why. I have a bit of information concerning Bad Apple's death (probably not an appropriate word here, but whatever).

E-mail from badxmas (Daita Oiwa of Bad Apple Fansubs)

As a result [of the lack of help], the project is now behind and I am seriously considering stopping, because I just can't find reliable people who care about it enough to help.

So don't worry about helping. I'll make due on my own, and when it becomes too much for me to handle, I will pull the plug.

Thanks anyway,
Geoff (pastxmas)

My Personal Statement

I think as a QCer for the project, I should tell what I think. No disrespect to pastxmas, but I think that what he did was silly, to say the least, because he was trying to work on and release an episode in 2 or 3 days all alone. I don't think anyone would mind waiting a bit more if it meant that Bad Apple would've stayed up. I never even got to meet the other members...

Who'll take on Goranger from now on?

Honestly, no one knows. A group of people on this thread are discussing getting maybe a new translator and timer for the episodes, but I don't know if that plan will work. PMLG will not be taking on Goranger, so don't ask that, please. We'll just have to wait longer for a fully-subbed Goranger to come to be.

- PikaMaster11 -


  1. It was fun while it lasted....I think he was too impaitent to get it done HIS way!

  2. PikaMaster, being that you worked on the show, do you happen to have the scripts for the episodes that BadApple released? I ask because I already have raws for the series, and I was waiting for BadApple to release the scripts when they finished the series, which is obviously not going to happen now. Unfortunately, I can't offer to seed the Bunny Hat raws, as my raws are the older Toei Channel rips that were circulating before the Bunny Hat raws came along. That said, If you don't have them it's fine, I just thought I'd ask.

    1. We do, and we'll be re-releasing them remastered before the actual project begins.

  3. I'm glad to hear that. Best of luck with the project, as you still have another sixty episodes to go, and that's quite a task.