Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kamen Rider ZX - Birth of the Tenth! Kamen Riders All Together!!

MP4 DDL | MKV DDL (Coming Soon)

Special thanks to Clock Up for staying up late and encoding this into an MP4, plus uploading it so I can release it! What a great guy.

The MKV DDL will be up tomorrow at some point. Until then!


  1. I am just curious why doing this special??
    But anyway thanks for it:)

    1. Because ZX is amazing and deserves this. :P

      Also a cheap way to say we've fully subbed something. XD (kidding)

  2. I also ask why did you make subtitle for this when it already have subtitles a few times from other groups? Or you using those fansubs and its not a new translation? Also I ask for all your releases is it the same? Just using other script from groups who make subtitles for it already? Thanks for reply.

    1. 1. Because I thought I'd be fun to do this special...
      2. I used the Kitsunekko SRTs in order to translate.
      3. ^
      4. ^^