Goranger Staff

This is a list of the people who helped out with Goranger. This may not be a complete list as I haven't personally met all of them yet.

  • Amuro-san (Translator)
  • Fanboy (Translator)
  • Luxiferia (Translator)
  • Some other 4th guy who I don't know (Translator)
  • Yuko (Translator)
  • Clock Up (Timer, "The One Who Uploads Everything")
  • PikaMaster11 (Typesetter, Karaoke Timing)
  • Cap. Nascimiento (QCer)


  1. Do you need a timer and an effecter for you projects?

    1. We don't need a timer for Goranger, but for something like Hibiki, which I do most of the work on, very much. If you're interested, then just email us and link us to anything you may have worked on.

      If you're not experienced, then sorry, we can't accept your help.